Activities and Clubs Activities and Clubs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are proud to offer a variety of excellent before and after school academic and enrichment activities for our students.  Check out what is available by viewing the list below.  Additional information is available in the documents listed on the Athletics & Activities Webpage.  There is something for everyone!



360 Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}360 Club<p><span aria-hidden="true"></span>Leadership training for 8th graders with the purpose of welcoming 6th graders into middle school and supporting them throughout the year.  Students apply for 360 in the spring of the previous school year.​</p>
Battle of the Books (6th grade){3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Battle of the Books (6th grade)<p>​Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) is a Quiz Bowl Style Competition for 6th graders</p>
Battle of the Books (7th grade){3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Battle of the Books (7th grade)​Battle of the Books (B.O.B) is a Quiz Bowl Syle Competition for 7th graders.
Battle of the Books (8th grade){3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Battle of the Books (8th grade)​​Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) is a Quiz Bowl Style Competition for 8th graders.
Boulder Expedition{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Boulder Expedition<p>Group will take learning outside of the classroom on a six day Grand Canyon or TBD expedition!</p>
Chamber Ensemble{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Chamber EnsembleThis is an after-school musical group open to any 6th/7th/8th Platt and CHOICE student.<br>
Chamber Orchestra{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Chamber Orchestra<p>This club is open to any student who can play a bowed stringed instrument (violin/viola/cello/bass)!</p>
Climbing Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Climbing Club​This club will expose students to the sport of rock climbing.  Students will learn basic safety and climbing skills in an encouraging and positive learning environment.<br>
Cooking Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Cooking Club<p>Learn the basics of preparing a five course meal while having fun with your friends!<br></p>
GSA-club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}GSA-club<p>​Gender & Sexual Alliances (GSA) Club provides works to help make our school a more welcoming and accepting place for everyone.<br></p>
Green Team Environmental Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Green Team Environmental Club<p>​The club is part of Student Council and will be in charge of supporting all Platt-sponsored events to being as zero-waste as possible in an effort to be the best green star school ever.<br></p>
Math Counts{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Math CountsStudents will be practicing to solve math problems in preparation for our chapter gathering this spring.
Platt Musical{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Platt Musical<p>The 2018-19 musical production is Lion King, Jr.   Auditions are open to all students.<br></p>
Platt R & D (Road & Dirt){3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Platt R & D (Road & Dirt)<p>​This club will explore Boulder's bikeways<br></p>
Science Fair Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Science Fair ClubStudent design, carry-out, analyze, and submit projects for the regional Science Fair.
Set Design Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Set Design Club<p><span><span style="color:#000000;font-family:arial;font-size:10pt;vertical-align:baseline;white-space:pre-wrap;background-color:transparent;">This is fun club where we work as a team to paint the set for the school musical. </span></span></p>
Student Council{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Student Council<p><span><span style="color:#000000;font-family:arial;font-size:10pt;vertical-align:baseline;white-space:pre-wrap;background-color:transparent;"></span></span>Student Council is a representative body of students able to work collaboratively with the school administration, teachers and parents for the good of the school.  </p>
Ultimate Frisbee Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Ultimate Frisbee ClubStudents will participate in ultimate frisbee drills and scrimmage with awesome coaches.  Bring water and wear comfortable clothes for running around!
Yearbook Club{3b2afcc2-777a-40b3-91b4-f3347b27b938}Yearbook ClubHelp create our school yearbook.