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Nevin Platt Middle School and The CHOICe Program

Nevin Platt Middle School is a community school serving students in grades 6-8 in Boulder, Colorado.  Students thrive in a safe, academic and social environment, where teachers and staff are committed to each student’s intellectual, physical and emotional needs. Our programming focuses on academic rigor, encourages exploration and experiential learning opportunities, encourages students to demonstrate mastery through project based learning, promotes technological expertise, and supports community building in a safe environment.

Platt is also home to the CHOICE Program.  CHOICE is an acronym that stands for "Cooperative Hands-On Integrated Community Education."  Students in the CHOICE Program attend mixed-grade-level classes and stay with the same team of teachers for all three years of middle school.  CHOICE students are out of the building approximately 25 days a year experiencing community based learning opportunities.  Students may apply for this three-year program only through the open-enrollment process.

Platt is recognized as a John J. Irwin School of Excellence by the state of Colorado. We attribute this distinction to the highly-skilled, dedicated staff supported by a community that values education, and children who come ready to learn and are eager to excel. Because of our consistently close working relationships, Platt students leave Platt prepared and motivated to begin a successful high school journey.  We provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to education; in addition, we continuously evaluate our school operations and recommit each year to excellent instruction and to creating an environment that exemplifies safety and academic rigor.

We are enthusiastic about the educational program offered and our many supporting activities.Brooke Daerr, principal
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