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We appreciate your interest in our schools. Platt Middle School and the CHOICE program are two separate schools serving students in grades 6-8. Enrollment into these schools are separate and are managed through the BVSD Enrollment Office.  Once the student is enrolled in a school, a notification is sent to the school. Once this is received, the Counselors and Registrar will begin working to get the student registered for classes.

Platt Middle School and the CHOICE Program

This website and the CHOICE Website are good resources to use when looking to find a good fit for a middle school. They are designed to help you learn about the Platt and CHOICE community including information about our academic programming, our social emotional supports, and the extracurricular opportunities available to all students to help them feel connected as a community.  Please view the enrollment and registration information listed below.  Tours and showcase nights are a part of the Open Enrollment Process which is geared at helping prospective students and families to get a better feel of the school.

Platt/CHOICE Open Enrollment Website

class Registration Information

Please visit the Platt/CHOICE Registrar's Corner Website for information on registering for classes. In addition, the Course Catalog Website provides information and descriptions of current and upcoming classes available at the school.

Registrar's Corner

Platt/CHOICE Enrollment Information

Platt Middle School - Online Enrollment Application

Students can enroll in Platt Middle School as their neighborhood school by following the enrollment application process found on the BVSD Enrollment Website and submit an online application. New students are guaranteed a spot at Platt Middle School as long as the student lives in the school's attendance boundary as defined by the BVSD School Finder Map.

If a student lives outside the attendance boundary, they can still attend Platt Middle School as long as their application is selected during the Open Enrollment (OE) process as describe on the BVSD Open Enrollment (OE) Website. This OE application is typically submitted in early January in order to attend the school in the following Fall. If there is still space in the school for more students, OE applications can be submitted and approved as late as August 31 just after school starts.

The CHOICE Program - Apply Through Open Enrollement (OE) Process Only

The CHOICE program is a 3-year program where only incoming 6th grade students can apply through the Open Enrollment (OE) process. The online application must be submitted to the BVSD Enrollment Office by early January during their 5th grade year.  Additional information about this lottery OE application process can be found on the BVSD Open Enrollment (OE) Website.  Incoming 7th and 8th grade students are not allowed to apply to the CHOICE program.

Platt/CHOICE Open Enrollment Website


BVSD Enrollment Information