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Green Star School

In 2017, Platt Middle School joined the Eco-Cycle's Green Star Schools® Program to move toward zero waste through increased recycling, the implementation of composting, and special waste reduction activities.  The Green Star Schools® Program is the first in the nation to reduce waste in every aspect of school life and because of this Program, up to two-thirds of the discards from each of the Green Star Schools is kept out of landfills.

One of the most noticeable changes for students is their new way of handling lunch leftovers.  During the lunch hour, students are now sorting their lunch leftovers in either recycling or landfill containers.  Students who bring lunch from home are encouraged to bring waste-free lunches.  Students who enjoy the cafeteria menu are served lunch in reusable bowls and cups with washable cutlery – no more polystyrene (a.k.a."Styrofoam")!

Besides just the reduction of waste during lunchtime; students, teachers, kitchen staff, custodial staff and administrators are all making the commitment to reduce waste all day long in the classrooms, halls and washrooms.  Recycling bins are available throughout the building.  Special events such as the 6th Grade Welcome or 8th Grade Graduation are going Zero Waste events.

Parents: You can help our school with this critical move toward zero waste!  Parents are needed during lunch hour times to encourage students sort their leftovers.  To help, please contact the Green Star School Lead or visit the Platt PTO Website for details.

Students: You do your part by recycling as much as possible and joining our Green Team!  Platt Middle School is making a difference in our environment!