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Open enrollment information

We appreciate your interest in Platt Middle School and The CHOICE Program.  These are two separate schools that share the same building including the art room, music room, auditorium, library, gyms, and outdoor fields. Both schools share the same elective classes and elective teachers (PE, music, art, spanish, etc) as well as have the same administrators and counselors. The CHOICE Program has it's own teachers and core courses.This resource is designed to help you learn about the Platt and CHOICE community.  Information about our academic programming, our social emotional supports and extracurricular opportunities can be found throughout our website.

Videos below and on linked pages provide an overview of Platt and CHOICE from various perspectives.  Please take some time to explore this content.

Open Enrollment (OE) Events 

Interested in joining the Platt and CHOICE community...Please join us for our Open Enrollment Events this November and December.  We will be holding a combination of In Person and Virtual events this year.  Please see details below for dates, times and event formats.

We highly encourage you to watch the videos below prior to attending the events.