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We believe in supporting the whole child by using a systemic approach that includes: the oversight and implementation of the Boulder Valley School District Counseling Standards, the development of affective, career, and organizational programs and lessons that complement classroom instruction and content, the availability of crisis intervention, guidance of counseling groups, and forging collaborative relationships with staff, parents and community members. 


The Counseling department at Platt Middle School believes that each student has the right to learn and be supported in a safe and healthy environment regardless of their religion, race, gender, ability, outward appearance, or socioeconomic status. We embrace the fact that each student has his or her unique approach and response to learning. As school counselors, we are committed to supporting our students academically with the goal that they will develop as confident life long learners and embody the personal characteristics of a 21st New Century graduate envisioned by the Boulder Valley School District. We model and teach the social and personal skills required to be a contributing member of a safe and caring learning environment which provides our students with a foundation to become contributing and kind members of future communities.


  • We believe that all students have the right to access curriculum at their level of understanding.
  • We believe that all members of our school community have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • We believe that all students should be held accountable for their actions.
  • We believe that all students should be provided the social, emotional tools to maintain successful relationships with classmates and adults in school.
  • We believe that all students should receive the academic support and strategies they need to reach their learning potential.
  • We believe that cultivating positive relationships with all students forges a strong foundation of trust that allows them to feel that the counseling department is a safe place for them to come and seek support for all their developmental needs.


Please visit the BVSD Counseling website​ for additional resources and information.