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Several times throughout the school year, the administration team gives presentations to each classroom in the school. 

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2018-2019 Classrooom Presentations
Since we are undertaking the work of being a No Place for Hate School for the 2018-19 school year, lessons are being taught to all grade levels and the CHOICE students on the topics of Diversity, Implicit Bias, Sexual Harassment and Upstanding. 
  • In  the 6th grade, students watched a film "Not in Our Town" and held a rich discussion in Social Studies class about what diversity means and what it looks like when it is respected or not respected.
  • In 6th and 7th grade LA we talked about Implicit Bias in the context of writing persuasive essays and discussed common stereo types. We also viewed this New York Times  video 
  • In 7th grade, the entire class watched the film Temple Grandin during the Kindness Challenge and then we debriefed the film in LA classes in the context of diverse learners, multiple intelligences self assessments with the goal of creating safer classrooms. 
  • Sexual Harassment lessons were delivered to 6th, 8th grade and CHOICE last semester.

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