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Standards Based Grading

Academic Standards

Academic Standards are the expectations of what students need to know and be able to do at the end of each grade level.  Teachers design lessons and assessments based on the standards outlined by BVSD and the Colorado Department of Education.  Academic Standards can be found online at the CDE Office of Standards and Instruction.

Academic Meaning of a Grade

Standards Based Grading provides grades that accurately reflect individual student progress towards academic standards. The essential pieces of this grading system are outlined below:

  • Grades are based on multiple and varied tasks/assessments over time within a grading period.
  • Assessments vary in format and frequency and may include but are not limited to tests, projects, reports, exhibits, presentations and discussions that are used to evaluate progress toward the standard.
  • The standards based grading scale is 0 to 4 and does not equate to a percentage based/traditional grading system.
  • Students are given timely feedback and reteach/relearn/reassessment opportunities are provided to promote mastery of the standards.

Standards Based Grading Details