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Music Tech

Music Technology is a semester-long class in which students learn to create music using current compositional programs such as Noteflight Learn and Soundtrap. As emerging composers, sudents work at stations that have a chromebox and midi keyboard (piano). Given the great opportunity for differentiation within projects, students who know nothing about technology or music can find great success in this class! Check out some current projects on the Music Tech Web Page.

Design Tech

This course prepares middle school students for the changing demands and professions of the 21st century. This program combines the best of design-build learning with modern tools of technology, an awareness of interest-based preparation, and an exposure to the workforce skills required to give all Boulder Valley students a competitive advantage in their educational and workforce pursuits.

Digital Art

Students create personal art pieces combining the elements of art with the influence of important current and historical artists. They use our new Mac Apple lab and Adobe Photoshop to build and hone their creative and technological skills.

Digital Art Website

Middle School Robotics

The Middle School Robotics course utilizes a hands-on approach in designing, building, programming and testing robots. Students engage in a variety of activities that incorporate various engineering principles. Students also learn the value of teamwork and even friendly competition. 

Students test their aluminum foil boats
Student-built truss bridge is loaded with over 150 lbs
Mason bee houses lined up for delivery
Design tech students hold up their completed mason bee houses
Students working in computer lab composing music
Mandala with capybara
Student made work with vibrant colors

Meet our Technology Teachers

Karen Hannahoe

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-6830

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