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Here at Platt, we believe strongly in the value of co-curricular activities and their role in enhancing the middle school experience.  Students who are more engaged at school tend to enjoy it more, have a broader and more diverse social network, and do better academically.  In short, we want your children to jump in with both feet and participate.

Because we believe so strongly in the middle school years being a time of investigation and exploration, our coaches and sponsors are highly flexible.  We are happy to work around scheduling conflicts with club sports, music lessons, religious instruction, and responsibilities at home that may otherwise prevent students from participating in school sponsored activities.  Please encourage your child to work with their coach or sponsor so we can meet your needs.  We look forward to seeing your child participate and seeing you at the school in support of their endeavors.

Below you will find information related to all the interscholastic/intramural athletics and clubs/activities we offer for all of our students. For additional information middle school sports, please view the BVSD Middle Schools Activities. After reviewing this information, if you still have questions, please contact our administrative assistant for athletics and activities, Mary Sodano, at 720-561-6862, or by email at