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Our Clubs

Our school has some great clubs and activities designed to enhance students' learning and exposure to new ideas. Learn more about the clubs below.

Activities and Clubs

Activities and clubs are sponsored by teachers in the building and meet at various times throughout the year.  Some are year long, others a semester, and others less time than that.  Some meet before school and others after school.  Information related to what these clubs are all about, as well as meeting dates and times is provided to students via daily announcements, posters throughout the building as well as the calendar on the Platt website. Starting a new club is possible with the support of a teacher sponsor and approval by the assistant principal. 

Below is a list of some of the clubs that we are offering at this time and will be updated throughout the year. Sign up here using this link.


  • 360
  • 6th Grade Battle of the Books
  • 7th/8th  grade Battle of the Books
  • Pop Rock Club
  • Orchestra club
  • Climbing Club
  • Set Design Club
  • Musical 
  • Student Council - pending
  • Journaling 
  • Science Fair Club - pending district guidelines
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Yearbook Club - pending
  • Boulder Boulder
  • Mathcounts
  • Cooking Club
  • Spanish 
  • Leaders of the PACK
  • Anime
  • 6/7/8th gr girls Volleyball
  • 6/7/8th grade Co-ed Flag Football