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CHOICE Program

Cooperative Hands On Integrated Community Education

The CHOICE Program at Platt Middle School

This innovative program is an experiential-based model that includes the following components:

  • Portfolios, long-term projects, presentations of learning and goal setting
  • Multi-grade grouping—grades six through eight
  • Academic discovery, hands-on activities
  • Curriculum-rich fall and spring extended trips
  • Approximately fifteen curriculum-rich day field trips 
  • Student-led conferences with portfolio presentations culminate the use of assignment rubrics, self-assessment and individual goal setting.
  • Social emotional learning and teambuilding through co-op
  • Community service requirements


We believe that an emphasis on a highly supportive community builds an environment where students develop a love of learning, thriving both academically and emotionally.

Small size:
  • Three-year program with an enthusiastic group of core teachers
  • Safe environment where students know and care about each other
  • Personal, responsive instruction that addresses various learning styles
  • A focus program unique within BVSD
Access to Opportunities at Platt:
  • Semester and year-long electives
  • Students participate in all inter- and intramural athletics
  • Participation in enrichment activities and clubs
  • Special education services are provided if student qualifies
  • GT advisor communicates on a regular basis with team
BVSD support:
  • As a focus school program, the CHOICE Program benefits from the support and resources of the Boulder Valley School District

Academic Excellence

Learning Community