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School counselors are an important resource and partner for our students, providing guidance and support in a variety of areas to help them be successful in their academic, post-secondary and personal lives.

Social/Emotional and Community Expectations Education

Our primary goal for our school is to foster a positive and inclusive culture where all students feel safe, respected and welcome.  This work allows everyone in our community to have a sense of belonging where they can be their best and true self.  In order to create this environment day to day, it takes ongoing respectful and caring interactions, understanding and compassionate support along with continuous direct and clear instruction.  This learning comes in many forms throughout the year.  To learn more about the topics we've addressed this year with students, please visit our Social & Emotional Learning Page.

Coping with Grief & Loss?

Your Counselor is here to help and support students and families during this difficult time. Several resources can be found here. If you have lost a loved one to suicide, support can be provided from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Click here to view mental health crisis resources.

Platt Counseling Department: Areas of Support

Platt Student Handbook: Counseling

Counseling at Platt/CHOICE

The middle level philosophy for Boulder Valley schools calls for a balance of academics, activities, and guidance.  The goal of middle level guidance is to provide opportunities for our students to learn behaviors and skills that will enhance their academic progress, help to build positive relationships with others and learn to advocate for themselves.  Platt counselors provide these learning opportunities through delivery of BVSD counseling curriculum, individual conferences, group activities and by working closely with parents and staff.  The BVSD Counseling Curriculum covers academic, social/emotional and career guidance and can be found on the BVSD website at

The middle level years can be confusing due to many social and emotional changes adolescents experience.  One of the counseling department’s goals is to help youth understand their behaviors so they can develop into caring, respectful and responsible young adults.

Students may find a counselor in the counseling office before and after school, at lunch and during class periods.  When you need to see a counselor it is best to leave a note for the counselor on her door.  The counselor will send a pass to the student as soon as they are able to meet.  In case of an emergency, students may ask their teacher for a pass to the counseling office.  Students should always check with any teachers involved to make sure that a visit to the counseling office will not interfere with work in class.  If this is the case, the student will have to find a different time to meet with a counselor.  Always report to the scheduled class before going to see the counselor; as teachers are responsible for knowing where students are at all times.


Platt/CHOICE Counseling Staff

Gina Finney

Titles: Counseling Support Assistant, Registrar
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-6803

Bryant Strause

Titles: Counselor All CHOICE & Platt 7th Grade
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-6845

Kristy Townsend

Titles: Mental Health Advocate
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-3841

BVSD Counseling Information

MTSS: Multi-tiered System of Supports