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Sources of Strength

The Sources of Strength program at our school is a peer leadership program setup to help prevent suicide by creating connections within our school community with a focus on hope, help, and strength.

Sources of Strength Week  

Date: TBD

  • Monday: Students write acknowledgments in LA classes on paper hearts.  These hearts will be hung in the hallways later in the week.
  • Tuesday: Represent your Healthy Activity Day by dressing up in one of your favorite activities or passions.
  • Wednesday: Team buiding day in PACK/CO-OP... more details in the classroom.
  • Thursday: Music Day.  Music will be played between each passing period.
  • Friday: SoS PEP Community Building Assembly

Parents can help out by talking with your student about what their Sources of Strength (SoS) are that they can call upon when feeling anxious, sad, or angry.  It's great to share yours with them too.

Spreading Hope, Help, and Strength

Sources of Strength (SoS) is a peer leadership program whose goal is to prevent suicide by increasing help seeking behaviors  and promoting connections between caring adults and peers.  The eight identified Sources of Strength are:

  • Positive Friends
  • Access to Mental Health Care
  • Access to Medical Care
  • Family Support
  • Mentors
  • Healthy Activities
  • Generosity
  • Spirituality - gratitude, generosity,  and acknowledgements

For more information on Sources of Strength, visit In addition, information about what is happening in Boulder County can be found on the Inspire Youth Connections Website.

Sources of Strength Advisor

Dawn Suitts

Dawn Suitts

Titles: Counselor, 6th & 8th Grade Students
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-6861