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Welcome to Phase 3 Hybrid learning

at Platt and CHOICE!

We are currently in Phase 4 In Person Learning. This information is to be used as a reference only.  Please find current information on our Phase 4 In Person Learning Website.

This website provides details about the Phase 3 Hybrid Learning for Platt and CHOICE families. The Home/Hybrid Overview Website provides additional details.  Each grade level has a website and homework calendar to provide grade level specific announcements and assignment due dates. Please do not hesitate to email teachers or administration with questions or concerns during this time.

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Daily Health Screening required for all students

During Phase 3, parents must check the student's health and measure their temperature BEFORE coming to school. After logging into the Parent Portal, the Daily Health Screening Form must be completed by 8:15am. This form cannot be completed the night before. If a student has a fever and/or is not feeling well, they must stay at home. Parents can report absence by following the instructions on the Platt/CHOICE Report Absence Website or by calling the school at 720-561-5536.

Daily Health Screening Form

phase 3 Hybrid Learning Overview

In Phase 3 Hybrid Learning, students attend in person learning 2 days a week and engage in home learning 2 days a week based on their A/B cohort. 

  • Monday - "Learning Launch Day" and Asynchronous Learning Online for all students.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday - Students in cohort A attend in person classes. Cohort B attends classes online from home.
  • Thursday and Friday - Students in cohort B attend in person learning. Cohort A attends classes online from home.

Goals of returning to in person learning:

  1. Support in person learning in a safe and healthy way as possible.

  2. Ensure a reasonable level of safety for students and staff for in person learning.

  3. Minimize disruptions to education by facilitating timely responses to COVID-19 through cohorting students and staff when possible, screening for symptomatic individuals, and coordinating closely with local and state public healthy agencies.

  4. Ensure equity in educational opportunity by considering learning and health needs of all students, including those with varying health conditions, economic backgrounds, language skills, or educational needs.


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Phase 3 Hybrid Learning Protocols and Procedures



Phase 3 Hybrid Learning Schedule for 2020-2021

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