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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Thank you for your interest in the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) for Platt Middle School and the CHOICE Program. There are many valuable ways parents can get involved and support Platt students, teachers, and staff.


2022-2023 PTO Board Members:

President: Meg Heitlinger

Vice President: OPEN HELP WANTED!

Treasurer: Kristina Schauer


Contact Us

All communication should be sent to the PTO President at:

2022-2023 PTO Meetings

All parents are welcome to attend PTO meetings where they can learn about forthcoming activities in which the PTO is involved or to share ideas from the parent community. Meetings this year will he held virtually through Google Meets.  Links can be found on the school calendar.    These dates are as follows: 

2022-2023 Meeting Dates:

  • 9/9
  • 10/7
  • 11/1 - 5:30 pm
  • 12/2
  • 1/6
  • 2/3
  • 3/3
  • 4/7
  • 5/5

All meetings are Friday at 1:00pm.


PTO Documents (Google Drive)

Volunteer Opportunities

PTO Fundraising & Grocery Cards

​Wolf Call Annual Fundraiser

The annual major fundraiser for Platt and the CHOICE program is called Wolf Call.  Please see the Wolf Call Website for more details.

Additional ways the school earns money

  • King Soopers Community Rewards Program - NEW (as of April 1, 2019).  There's no more reloading of King Soopers grocery cards.  All you have to do is register your loyalty card and shop!   The loyalty card is the card that you use at the check out (or phone # you punch in) to get the KS discounts/coupons.  A portion of what you spend will be donated back to our school once you've created an account & enrolled.  Do this by going to the KS Community Rewards Website and selecting Nevin Platt PTO (ID743) as the donation organization.  Easy as that!  If you have questions, please contact Platt parent volunteer at 
  • Safeway Grocery Cards.  These grocery cards are available in the school office.  Each card is preloaded with a small amount of money and linked to our school.  Each time the grocery cards is reloaded, our school earn 5% of the amount loaded, without any cost to you!  
  • Collections of Longmont Dairy Milk Caps & Box Tops.  These items can be dropped off in the collection boxes in the school office.  Each one earns us $0.10!
  • Amazon Smiles. Make your purches through and Amazon donates to the PTO 0.5% of all eligible purchases.  Be sure to select Nevin Platt Middle School PTO as your charity of choice.  If you've used Amazon Smiles before for another charity, you can go to Account Info and select "Change Your Charity" under the Shopping Programs area.

Platt Shares

​The holiday season is a time of giving, and who better to reach out to than those families within our own Platt community who could use a little extra help?  Every year, the PTO collects monetary donations to purchase gift certificates to King Soopers, Target, and other stores so that our counselors can give them to our families in need to help make their holidays brighter.

There are two ways to donate to support our community:

  • Cash donations - Please drop off at the School Office
  • Online donations - PayPal link