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State Testing

Students attending Platt Middle School and the CHOICE program will be taking the Colorado's Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science assessment/tests in March and April.  Students should plan for this event.  If a student is absent during any of these testing days, they need to either be excused or opted out of the test.  Students who miss a test and are not opted out will be placed in a make-up session the following week.



These tests have given us a reliable data set to utilize as we adjust our instruction and our approach.  With your support, your student can help show how well our school and the school district, as a whole, is performing. 

By participating in the state assessments:

  • Our educators will have access to valuable data about the performance of our students and apples-to-apples comparisons to students across the state.
  • Data collected helps Boulder Valley School District determine if curriculum and instruction practices are working, helping to direct resources and professional development.
  • The scores determine the designation the state gives our school. Currently we are considered a Performance school and we’d like to keep that designation moving forward, in part because receiving a lower designation may impact our school’s reputation and lead to additional review of our plans .
  • The better we do on our tests, the better our grades on sites like CDE’s SchoolView, Niche, School Grades, etc. These grades are, in part, what prospective parents use to compare us with other schools in the area -- and a pride point for our school community

Consistent with last year’s administration, our entire focus will be on supporting students as they take the test.  As a result, families are asked (though not required) to arrange an excused absence from school on testing days and appropriate alternative activities of their own if their child will not be participating.  Below is a specific list of the tests and which grades will be taking the tests. A guardian must call or complete the online form to excuse the absence and students should report to the office to check in when they arrive at school.


Platt Info/Forms: Spring 2020-State Testing Schedule

2020 CMAS Test Schedule

Testing begins on March 30, 2020.  All students will take the CMAS Math and CMAS English Language Arts (ELA) tests.  All 8th grade students will take the CMAS Science on April 13-16.

Testing will begin promptly at 8:40 on the days above; please ensure your student arrives to school on time having eaten a healthy breakfast.  Also, please avoid scheduling appointments during testing times.  Please note that we have worked hard this year to create a testing schedule that is the least disruptive to our typical school operations. Any questions/concerns should be directed to David Weisbart at  

Additional information regarding CMAS can be found by reviewing the following documents and websites.

Student Opt Out

If you would like to opt your student out of the CMAS Assessments, please email or send written notification including which assessments you are opting out by Thursday, March 12.  Note that the district deadline for submitting written requests to opt a student out of testing is March 5.

Students who attend school that are not participating in testing and have been opted-out by their families will report to the cafeteria where they will remain until testing is complete.  Students will be reading or working on school work. Students will not be permitted to use electronic devices connected to the wireless internet as this will interfere with testing.   

Students not participating in testing who plan to arrive after testing concludes each day should go through the same check-in process as if it were a normal school day.  A guardian must call to excuse the absence and students should report to the office to sign in.