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Wolf Call Fundraiser

September is Wolf Call Month!
for Platt and The CHOICE Program

Your contribution helps to fund programs for EVERY student!
Donate $185 per student online here:

Or, drop your donation off in the Wolf Call mailbox in the Platt main office. Additional donation forms & envelopes are available there during regular school hours.


Wolf Call is THE major fundraiser for Platt and The CHOICE Program. Your donation helps support our mission to provide a quality education that empowers students to realize their maximum potential for a successful future.

Every fall, Platt Middle School raises money to support various programs and needs throughout the school. Given the level of educational funding, the District is not able to sufficiently fund these needs. These donations touch every student at Platt.

We rely on your generous donations to fund needed programs for this school year, including:

  • Library updates and improvements
  • Supplemental materials for Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Languages, P.E., Art, & more
  • Music and instruments for Band, Choir, and Orchestra, as well as Platt Cafe
  • YMCA program, guest speakers, counseling, and other schoolwide services
  • Guest speakers, counseling, and other schoolwide services


  • $185 per student
  • Lump sum of your choice
  • Whatever you can to help us achieve 100% participation


Corporate Matching Gift Programs - Many employers offer matching gift programs. Take advantage of these programs to increase your gift. Complete the "Matching Gifts" section of the donation form or email us at, and we will help you with the match process. 

Extended Family & Friends Donations - We encourage you to extend fundraising opportunities to grandparents, aunts/uncles, and other family members. Donations can be made online or by check. Contact us if you need additional donation forms.


Please contact:
PTO President